Monday, April 2, 2012

Big Sister

I started this post a couple of months ago, and it never got finished because Kjersti came early; but it seems like a shame not to share it...

With only a couple of weeks left until our second baby girl arrives, Ellie's quickly transforming into a big sister. She loves to feel her baby sister in Mommy's tummy, and talk about all of the things she's going to teach her. In the past few months, she's switched to a toddler bed and learned to go potty. She loves to sweep the floor, make the bed, wash dishes, and her favorite--be Mom's "sous chef." (And yes, she actually says sous chef. It's pretty adorable). It's so exciting to see her becoming the big sister, but part of me is sad to see her growing up. When I called her "my baby" the other day, she corrected me by telling me she was NOT a baby, she was a girl.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Birthday Boy: Sister Edition

Happy 29th birthday to my handsome husband! Doesn't he age fabulously guys? Seriously, don't be shy; check him out.

I know, right?! Anyway, since the brothers got to dish on Scott for his birthday last year, I got his sisters to give us the scoop this year, and they were very helpful. ;) So without further ado, here's the 411 on the birthday boy from his sisters, Tiffany and Melinda:

How would you describe Scott to someone who'd never met him?

Tiffany: Scott is one of the funnest and funniest people to be around. If he and Jesse invite you over for dinner, be prepared for excellent food and non-stop hilarious entertainment.

Melinda: I would say that Scott is a very dynamic, loving, charitable and charming, personable guy with a big heart and an even bigger laugh.

What's your favorite childhood memory of Scott?

Tiffany: I have a few different favorite memories about him as a child, so here we go...Scott was such a sweet little boy! I remember him pretending to have a "factory" and going there to "build things." He also used to have a specific way he would comb his lovely strawberry blonde locks known as the "wave." Scott was a skinny little guy but had a huge appetite and especially loved meat and chips. As a 2 and 3 year old, Scott would wear over-sized cowboy boots everywhere. The favorite infamous childhood story is the rotten banana collection under the one knew how much Scott hated bananas in his lunch until Dad sold the old Chevette and there was a collection of rotten bananas that Scott had chucked under there before he went inside to avoid the certain confrontation with Mom for not eating a perfectly good banana.

Melinda: Growing up, it seemed like we frequently played musical beds. Either someone was sick, or someone was getting their sheets cleaned, or someone just decided to bunk up with mom and dad. Anyway, one of my favorite memories of Scott is when we would find ourselves all snuggled in mom and dad's bed and Scott would go down to his "workshop" which was at the foot of the bed, under all of the covers. He would shimmy his little body down to our toes, make us some pretend little treasure, and then make his way up to the top of the bed and present us with this new make believe gift. He was so proud of himself and we older kids were always thoroughly entertained.

As I write this, I also have to include the memory of Scott pretending that he worked at the McDonald's drive-through. He would sport some red and white visor that someone had given to us (maybe from one of the many bags of clothes inherited from Kim and Melissa?) ;) and then he would proceed to take our order, feverishly writing it down on a scratch piece of paper (probably one of the many Domino's Pizza Flyers from when Dad delivered pizzas) after which he would then assemble our order and send us on our way. Too bad for McDonald's that they are no longer included in Scott's career plans; he would have been on stellar employee.

Oh man, then there was the time when Scott dressed up in a white shirt and black tie with a dish towel over his arm as he served mom her Mother's Day dinner (again, after taking her "order," if I remember correctly). Mom and dad gushed over it, took about a ga-zillion pictures (shocker) and the rest of us kids were probably green with envy that he was the one to be so clever and thoughtful...ok, maybe I was the only one who was jealous but at least I can smile about it now! ;)

What's your favorite thing about Scott?

Tiffany: If you know Scott, you know he is hilarious, but my favorite thing about Scott is his kind heart. He loves his family very much and I love watching him be a husband and a daddy to his "girls."

Melinda: This is hard because Scott has two attributes that I really love and admire about him. First, his humor. Everyone who is reading this already knows how Scott can get just about anyone rolling in laughter. Second, his heart. The kid has a great heart. On more than one occasion, I have been moved by his great capacity to love and show understanding towards others (myself included).

What's something about Scott that people might not know?

Tiffany: Scott has OCD tendencies (inherited from our Mom) and doesn't like germs or old food. Also, if he is intently watching a TV show, you may have to make a spectacle to get his attention.

Melinda: Um, his secret crush on Michael Moore...just kidding...sort of. Seriously though, Scott has a remarkable grasp on politics, government, and other really intellectual stuff. This strength might be overshadowed by his good-natured and comical demeanor, but don't let that cheesy grin fool you, Scott is a little smarty pants.

If you could give Scott anything for his 29th birthday, what would it be?

Tiffany: An authentic Norwegian hotdog with a solo drink...Love you brother! Happy Birthday!

Melinda: I would give Scott an all expense paid trip to New York City where he could rub shoulders with fellow foodies, sample a variety of different culinary treats from Little Italy to China Town (the good part of town!) and everything in between. But since that is not going to happen (sorry, Scotty) I just hope he gets to enjoy a really delicious piece of beef today. And a slammin piece of birthday cake. Knowing his cute wife as I do, I'm sure that's already in the bag. Happy Birthday, little brother, and as you say, "love ya, love ya."

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kjersti Rae Tessem

One month ago today, Kjersti Rae Tessem was born. She arrived on Valentine's Day, early in the morning, and we were indeed in love with her. She was two weeks early, but she was a perfect 7 lbs 3 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. Following in her sister's footsteps, she came by c-section after the doctors discovered that my amniotic fluid levels had dropped rapidly to nearly non-existent. Ellie slept at her Bestemor and Farfar's house while Scott and I went into American Fork hospital at 6:30 in the morning. The surgery went flawlessly and our beautiful little Kjersti and her daddy went to the nursery and sent me videos in the recovery room.

After we finally made it to our room and got acquainted, Kjersti ate like a champ, snuggled in, and went to sleep. After a few winks, Ellie came to visit and our little family finally got to be together. Ellie was a little quiet and curious, but loved "her baby." While the adjustment at home was a difficult transition for her, she's never stopped loving her little sister and more often than not, refers to her as "my baby."

During her first month of life, Kjersti has worked hard at putting on some adorable baby fat by eating ALL the time! She has a voracious appetite and Scott likes to joke that she already eats more than our skinny little Ellie does. Kjersti is also a major snuggler, which we love!

For all those that have asked, Kjersti is a Norwegian name that we just love. We didn't know her name until we met her, and we thought it suited her. The spelling is deceiving--her name is pronounced "share-stee." And since she received her Norwegian name as her first name, her middle name, Rae, is after me. My middle name is LaRae after my grandma, Phyllis LaRey.

I promise many more pictures of this little one and her sister in the (relatively) near future!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Duplex for Rent!

Our tenants are looking for someone to take over their contract, so your chance at having the most awesome landlords/neighbors is back up for grabs! But seriously, if you know anyone who would be a good tenant and who is looking, please send them our way! You can refer them to our KSL ad here. Thanks friends!